Join The Schitt’s Club!

Schitt’s Club Membership Includes:

  • Call by 9:00 am Monday-Friday will receive same day service if needed.

  • Extended warranties – Additional one year warranty added to repairs and replacements on top of already offering longer warranties than most in our area.

  • 24 hour emergency service. Only Schitt Heads receive service on nights and weekends

  • 10% discount on all repairs and drain cleaning.

  • 5% discount on equipment replacements.

  • Free annual plumbing inspection.

This includes:
One inspection per calendar year.
Member must call to schedule the inspection.
Water pressure check on home –  Any water pressure coming into home above 80 PSI can cause major issues on your plumbing systems.
Flush water heater and check anode rod (over $200 value).  Anode rod protects the tank of the water heater.  Tankless water heaters are flushed with descaling agents.  This drastically extends the life of your water heater.
Test toilets for leaks.  Homes and business loose approximately one trillion gallons of water annually through leaks in the US alone.  Toilets are the cause of many of these leaks.
Test shut-off valves in home for proper function.  If a plumbing fixture starts leaking or dripping, the shut off valve is the first and most important step to cutting off water flow and, in turn, protecting your home from water damage.
Check water temp at 2 or more fixtures.
Test all exposed drain pipes.
Check all supply lines and hoses to each fixture in the home.
Check for any safety of plumbing code violations in your home.  If/when you sell your home, you’ll need this information.

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