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Plumbing problems are inevitable, and when they show up, they can go beyond being an inconvenience to a health hazard. They range from failing water heaters, clogged drains, blocked sewers, leaks, and failing showers, among others. Contacting a reputable plumber to bring your home, office, or business back to normalcy is often a viable option. But while several plumbing companies could be available, not many have the expertise to deliver dependable plumbing solutions. That is why you need us. At Schitt’s Plumbing, we provide clients across the region with exceptional plumbing repair and maintenance solutions. When “Schitt” Gets Deep, Call Us!

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Signs That You May Need Sewer Line Replacement in Coosada, AL

Your sewer system plays a vital role in keeping your property safe, healthy, and habitable. Sewer lines are susceptible to damage and will begin to develop problems over time. These could be a result of ruptures, cracks, or total collapse. While you can solve minor issues with repairs from a proven plumber, there comes a time for complete rehabilitation.

Notably, replacements are more expensive, more demanding, and more costly. Our technicians at Schitt’s Plumbing have the technical know-how and experience to provide high-quality repairs and replacements. There is always a thin line between when your system needs a complete replacement or repairs.

The following are some of the signs that your systems may need a replacement:

  • A foul odor around your home or backyard

  • Multiple lawn indentations

  • Pools or puddles of septic water around

  • Consistent backup and blockage in drains and sewer lines

  • Multiple lush patches of grass or vegetation in your yard

Problems Associated with Slab Leaks

Your goal as a property owner is to keep your property in the best condition. And like everyone else, you also aim to keep your utility bills as low as possible. When you realize that your water bills are inexplicably high, you would first get the water company to check your meter’s condition. But when the meter turns out to be okay, your focus should shift to inspecting your home for slab leaks. Many Coosada, AL homes have concrete foundations. Concrete slabs are vulnerable to water, and leaks occur when a pipe breaks or cracks under the slab. You can count on our professionals at Schitt’s Plumbing to inspect and repair your slab leaks.

Undetected or unrepaired slab leaks can cause the following problems:

  • Ruin your flooring by developing buckles, cracks, and shifts

  • Damage your foundation by causing swelling or sinking

  • Cause yard flooding and eventually damage it

  • Irritating odors around your property

  • Mold growth and potential pipe blockages

Reasons Why Your Coosada, AL, Home Could Benefit from a Tankless Water Heater

A water heating system is a basic necessity. Can you imagine taking a shower with shampoo in your hair when the water turns lukewarm and suddenly ice-cold? This can be shocking and frustrating in equal measure. And if you are tired of shocking your body with cold water when you least expect it, we are here for you. Our technicians have full training, certification, licensing, and experience to meet your needs. We handle commercial and residential water heater installations, repair, and maintenance. And one of the ways you can escape unreliable water heating problems is by installing a tankless water heater.

It comes with the following advantages:

  • Energy-efficient and saves money

  • Highly reliable and ideal for various situations

  • It does not take up a lot of space

  • Easy to use and consistently provides hot water

Our Complete Range of Plumbing Solutions in Coosada, AL

At Schitt’s Plumbing, trust us to solve any plumbing problems that you may face. Our full range of services includes:

Why Should You Trust Us with Your Coosada, AL, Plumbing Issues? 

We are not your typical business-minded plumbing company. Being a family-owned and family-operated business, we harbor a strong passion for industry-leading customer experience and high-quality craft. Our supportive culture explains why we continue to dominate the Coosada plumbing industry. The following are some of the exceptional attributes that make us a top choice in the region:

  • Fully trained, insured, drug tested, and background checks for all employees

  • Advanced education on modern plumbing technology and trends

  • Competitive upfront pricing to ensure that nothing goes wrong

  • Over 30 years in the plumbing repair, installation, and maintenance industry

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all projects

Call us today for all your plumbing needs in Coosada, AL. We are available!

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    Beth Graham
    We are new to this state and had no one to ask for a recommendation on a plumber and took a chance in the listing we found. So we were very happy. We really appreciate the professionalism and quality service. Care was taken on the simplest of things such as shoe covers to protect my flooring. They were knowledgeable, courteous, & kept me well informed on all aspects from arrival times, pricing breakdowns, & parts being installed. I would definitely call them again for any plumbing situation.
    Mark Peterson
    The team was very polite and courteous. They answered my questions and did a fantastic job overall. They showed up early to drain the tank and finished the install in a couple of hours.
    Luke Kiszla
    Fantastic company to work with. Learned about them from a friend. Called 6 or 7 local plumbers; Schitt's was the first to respond with an appointment and they communicated timetables and honored all commitments. Jacob was incredibly helpful and friendly, and knowledgeable in his craft. Every employee I communicated with was delightful. Hard to find places like these nowadays; treasure them when you find them. And I will treasure Schitt's!
    Ladarius Brown
    Came before designated time schedule, prices are kind of high but what isn’t. Got the job done in reasonable timely fashion. Great attitude and fixed the problem immediately. No leaks and one year warranty can’t be mad at that
    Eric Norrell
    After we called a tech was at our house within an hour and a half. Accessed the problem quickly and gave me a quote. Left to get the parts and came right back and fixed the issue within an hour. Were always very professional and courteous. Highly recommend.
    James Catman
    Definitely recommend.The folks at Schitt's were super-easy to work with, hands-down. Josh & Carter were quick with their work and did a professional job, clearly explaining everything along the way. My OCD thanks them for "correctly" re-doing the plumbing going to/from the water heaters in the house; I've regained some storage usability of the "utility closet" thanks to their fine work.When it hits the fan, don't hesitate to call Schitt's Plumbing!
    Robert Thornton
    This was an awesome company to work with. The were very helpful and professional. They worked with us on meeting or needs and our weird schedule. We definitely will use them again.
    Beverly Lipham
    Kitchen sink won’t drain and neither will dishwasher. Had just seen Schitts van next door last week so I called and Marla(I think) was so friendly, efficient and helpful! Called back within a few minutes as she said she would and got us taken care of the same day! Great experience and I will recommend and call again!!

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    Joshua W.

    Joshua W.

    Installing a new water heater in coosada

    Near Seminole Cir, Coosada, AL 36020
    Coosada, AL - Installing a new water heater in coosada
    Joshua W.

    Joshua W.

    Installing a new water heater in coosada

    Near Seminole Cir, Coosada, AL 36020
    Coosada, AL - Installing a new water heater in coosada
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