Professional Leak Detection in Prattville, AL

When you have a hidden water leak in your home, having access to professional leak detection services can end up saving you thousands of dollars in water damage, and a lot of stress. At Schitt’s Plumbing, we provide professional leak detection services to the people of Prattville and surrounding areas, so you can rest easy knowing that any water leak you have will be dealt with as efficiently as possible. We use all the latest tools and technology to pinpoint the source of your leak and then provide professional solutions in a timely manner. When “Schitt” Gets Deep, Call Us! 

Are you looking for reputable leak detection services in the Prattville, AL area? Call us today to schedule an appointment for expert service you can trust.

Do You Need Leak Detection Service in Prattville, AL?

When you have leaking pipes in your home, there will often be signs showing you that there’s a leak even if it’s not obvious. Some of the most common signs that are telling you it’s time to give us a call include:

  • Elevated water bills, especially if you haven’t used more water

  • The sound of trickling water behind your walls or under floors

  • Decreased water pressure throughout the house

  • Mold growth or mildew growth in the house

  • Damp areas or wet spots on your floors or walls

Common Water Leak Causes

Our job is to pinpoint the cause of your water leak and then provide you with a solution to stop the leak altogether. When you have a water leak in your home, there are several potential causes that we will investigate as we look for the source. Some of the most common water leak causes we see include:

  • Older pipes that have worn thin

  • Corrosion inside your pipes

  • Pipes that haven’t been installed properly

  • Worn out connectors

  • Damaged pipe joints

  • Old clogs that haven’t had professional attention

  • Tree roots that have grown into your sewer pipe and caused damage

Proven Leak Detection Services in Prattville and Surrounding Areas

We offer high quality, reliable leak detection in Prattville and these neighboring communities:

Why Work with Our Team?

When you work with us, you can always feel confident that we will meet and exceed your expectations. Our industry-leading plumbing services and exceptional customer service will make you want to tell all your friends and neighbors about us. Some added benefits of working with our team include:

  • Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed

  • More than 30 years of plumbing industry experience

  • Highly trained plumbers that are educated on all the latest technology

  • Upfront pricing structure with no hidden fees

  • Friendly and courteous technicians who are fully drug tested and background checked

If you suspect a hidden water leak and need professional leak detection services in Prattville, AL, or any of the surrounding communities, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and schedule an appointment.

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    Chuck Bourgeois
    Schitt's Plumbing is an exceptional company. They are knowledgeable, efficient, polite, and do great work. After unsuccessfully trying to unclog a main line clog myself using several different methods I called Schitt's Plumbing. They gave me a quick and accurate estimate and had the problem fixed inno time. They do great work and I can't think of anything they could have done better. I highly recommend Schitt's Plumbing.
    Carmen Torres
    We met Jacob through a chance encounter at Lowes where my husband and I where looking at shower heads and Jacob offered his advice which was spot on. We needed a plumber and remembered the name of the company on Jacob’s shirt called them and will use them for all our plumbing needs. Took the time to school some old folks and that was really appreciated. Very professional, on time and communicated throughout the entire process. The entire staff rocked with a special shout out to Jacob.
    Lee McMichael
    Schitt's Plumbing is very professional and trustworthy. I have used them several times for our 100 year old house and they have always exceeded expectations. Jacob and his team communicate very well from scheduling to estimates to follow up care, if needed. I highly recommend Schitt's Plumbing.
    Danette Fox
    I've used this company in the past, and was always pleased with their response time and professionalism and the work that was done quickly and well. This morning, my septic line backed up- they were at my house, done with the work and gone well before lunchtime. Great job again, guys!
    Deborah Kennedy
    Had another leak inside this time. Older Mobile Home with horrible gray plumbing pipes very hard to work on these days.. Schitt's Plumbers has always come through for me with these issues when I needed them. A Great Company to do Business with. Love you Guys.
    Aney Carver
    We are currently renovating our 90 year old home and Schitt's Plumbing has worked on several projects from replacing old water lines with pex, tankless water heater installation, new garbage disposal, new sink and faucet plumbing, dishwasher installation to refrigerator water line installation. The quality is outstanding and affordable. We enjoy talking to Jacob and getting to know him and his team as we fix up our house. They are always responsive, on time and professional. They are our company of choice for all our plumbing projects and we will continue to use their service in all of our future projects. I can't say enough good things about them. Great work!
    Deborah Kennedy
    Had leak under Mobile Home. Scheduled a time to come for Repair, this is a Wonderful Company to do business with. They are always Friendly, Courteous, and Reasonable for all they do. Have used them other times with same Service Attitude. Many Thanks to all the People at Schitt's Plumbing. The Office Person is Awesome , always Caring & Helpful.
    Melissa Lor
    Service for a faucet leak/ repair in one of our bathroom tubs.Took less than 30 minutes to fix a minor leak (which could’ve been major if left untreated ofc).I do hope with the new installation (delta something brand) should last us a couple of years (10 years / a couple years as the guy said sorry don’t remember your name I’m not sure if you introduced yourself but I’m sure you had a name tag that I missed).This is just a new home too running on two years, the home builder must’ve used cheap materials cause it was already leaking within 1 year at most when talking with my Bf. By the time I visited sometime late winter/early spring of 2022 I’ve noticed the leak of the tub faucet but it would take at least 2- 5 minutes or more to see a droplet of a leak & only became a lot more noticeable as of this month of August (& we don’t’/barely use the tub at this bathroom only if our guest needs it which is a rare occasion).The cordinator who was on site fixing the leak has also mention my neighborhood with these new housing have “old” or “bad quality” installation that end up rusting/ damaged overtime can end up leaking & has been doing a lot of these fixing in my neighborhood (👀 - I-I… I mean can’t get mad at me for being a bit suspicious)- only 4 stars because of the pricing of a small leak that took less than 20 minutes at most, but it is what we have to pay for labor fees.
    Daren Cantu
    Excellent crew. They were quick and efficient. I Definitely recommend.
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